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Christmas celebration 2022 took place on 20th December in the premises of Loyola High School, Patna for the Primary students and on 21st December for the students of High School.

The programme started with a carol to spread the aura of Christmas. The story of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ was enacted by the students exquisitely. A Christmas message was given to the students by the teachers which highlighted the importance of helping, caring and sharing. It was followed by an elegant dance by the primary and the senior students. The Principal Reverend Brother Sudhakar Reddy S.G. addressed the students in which he spoke about the essence of hope, love, joy and peace. He also told them to help the people around. The programme was concluded with the Christmas greetings given by the Santa.

A Christmas celebration with the Christian students and their parents took place on 21st December, 2022 in the evening. Welcoming words by Brother Mike S.G. was followed by the Eucharistic Celebration. Beautiful Carols were sung to celebrate the occasion. The Principal Reverend Brother Sudhakar Reddy S.G. shared his words of wisdom with the gathering. The celebration was concluded with the cake cutting ceremony followed by dinner.

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