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Last date for registration for MNO has been extended till 20th August 2024

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The theme of the year is Nurturing Human Relationships. In accordance with this, a theme based Logo Making Competition was organized for the students of classes VI- X. Building and nurturing human relationships is essential for personal growth and happiness. It involves active listening, empathy, and understanding. Regular communication, both verbal and non-verbal, strengthens the bond. Sharing quality time, supporting each other, and showing appreciation deepens connections. Trust, respect, and forgiveness create a solid foundation. Successes must be celebrated and comfort should also be provided to each other during tough Relationships should be prioritized and time must be invested towards nurturing human relationships. These ideas were creatively represented in the logos made by our students. The selected poster for the logo was made by Chaitanya Kumar of class X-C and it was designed by REWINH GROUP, Bangalore.


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