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Loyola High School, Patna, celebrated the 74th Republic Day with great éclat and glory. The students and the entire staff took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The atmosphere was rife with passion and patriotism.The chief guest for the day was Rev. Bro. Mike Jatrom, secretary of Loyola High School. Students, employees, and faculty members congregated in front of the building in a display of patriotism. The spirited march past was led by NCC leader, followed by all the NCC members, Scouts and Guides.

The principal, Bro. Sudhakar Reddy, and the chief guest, Rev. Bro. Mike Jatrom, presided over the flag-hoisting ceremony with the school band team. The school choir sang the national anthem with patriotic zeal and enthusiasm. To further explain the depth of history and the importance of this day, a speech was deliveredto the gathering. After the speech, the chief guest Rev. Bro. Mike addressed the students and highlighted the importance of the Constitution and its unique features. He gave an insight on the various accomplishments and motivated the students.

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