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2024-selected-candidates ( Nursery )

2024-selected-candidates Mont - I L.K.G

Results of selected students for class I from Loyola Montessori school(Mont-II)



“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”
A big salute to the enthusiasm of our students who participated in different Olympiads (online) during the pandemic, in the session 2020-2021. Generally a large number of students participate in different Olympiads every year, but due to pandemic it was not possible to organize offline Olympiad.
Silver Zone International Olympiad is one of them. Our students participated in following subjects:
Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, Reasoning, Informatics Practices (IP) and General Knowledge(G.K) .
Toppers ( Gold Medalists, Session-2020-2021) from different classes are as follows :
⦁ Parth Vinayak Class II ( Science)
⦁ Divansh Singh Rathore II( Maths , English , G.K. ,IP)
⦁ Aditya Raj Sinha Class VI ( IP, Maths, Science )
⦁ Ashutosh Anand Class VI ( Reasoning )
⦁ Akshat Darpan Class VI ( Maths )
⦁ Hemant Kumar Roy Class VII (Maths)
⦁ Anushka Agrawal Class VII (IP, Science , English, G.K. , Hindi)
⦁ Udita Arya Class VIII ( English )
⦁ Harsh Anand Class VIII (IP, Science )
⦁ Divyam Kumar Class IX ( Hindi )
⦁ Dhairya Vinayak Class IX ( Science )
⦁ Md Intiash Moiz Class IX ( G.K. )
⦁ Jayati Singh Class IX ( English )
⦁ Anmol Krishna Class X ( Maths, Science)
⦁ Soumya Aryan Class XI ( English )
⦁ Abhishek Anand Class XII ( Reasoning)



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