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The Eco Club of Loyola High School, on 27th July, 2022 successfully hosted a Plantation Drive to invigorate the ecological cognizance of the youth.

The focus of the event was Sustainable Development. The volunteers elucidated how the human society as a whole must, with all strings attached, meet their needs without compromising with the ability of their succeeding generations to do so.

Numerous staples were planted by the Principal, Vice-Principal and teachers, as the school band serenaded the affair with their melodic tunes.

Furthermore, the students took the oath to live by the stated principle and incorporate it in their lives, with the aspiration of a better future, a better tomorrow.

The Principal, Rev. Bro. Sudhakar Reddy, and Vice-Principal, Rev. Bro. Sunil Indwar, commended the coordinated effort of the Eco Club and the non-teaching staff for organizing the event.

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