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Eco – Club Activity

On 20th October, 2022, Thursday: The Eco Club has lucratively concluded yet another major event for this academic year; this time under the formulation of a “Bulletin Board Competition”.

The competition bore the message of ‘Vegetarianism’ at its lead, with an aim of presenting its case as a possible remedy, or mayhaps a bandage, for the gash that is global warming, which plagues our future with an undulating uncertainty in the contemporary times.

Students of grade VI to X were invited to compete with their schoolmates, showcasing the beautiful concoction of their artistic and scientific thoughts. They were encouraged to ponder over the probable ramifications of the adoption of a vegetarian lifestyle on a large scale; ranging from the environmental aspects all the way to the economical ones. The Eco Club tried to direct them in an unbiased way, and suggested them to be pragmatic about their proposals, all the while avoiding being hurtful towards the sentiments of the people.

Students from all the grades participated with great enthusiasm to display their talents, and the event was concluded on 19th, October with an assembly dedicated to give away the prizes in an encouraging ambience. The Eco Club shared immense pleasure for being able to present its intentions and initiate constructive discussions over the well being of the Blue Marble, as it pledged to keep on its goal of helping the world in becoming a safe and better  place to live.

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