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From the Principal’s desk

Being humble means recognizing that we are not on earth to see how important we can become, but to see how much difference we can make in the lives of others.  Gordon B. Hinckley


Loyola High school had a very humble beginning in 1969 in this part of Bihar.  In spite of facing a lot of difficulties and hardships in imparting quality education it has reached to a very great height as it stands today in Patna.  Under the able leadership of various Principals and teaching faculty Loyola has played a vital role in imparting quality education from the day of its inception and continues till date without fail.

Today Loyola high school stands tall in all respects in Patna much sought after school just because its teaching-learning methodology is different from others. Loyola gives quality education, here quality education does not mean academic excellence but an all-round development of the child. Loyola High school follows Eight-fold dimensions ofMONTFORTIAN EDUCATION.” They are A Spiritual Vision,  Quest for excellence,  Respect for community of Life,  Partnership & Networking,  The best interest of the Child,  Innovation and Creativity, Participatory Methodology and  Inclusive Education. This form of education that Loyola imbibed from Montfortian legacy has made a difference in the livesof thousands of students who passed through Loyola. The 50 years of service to the humanity has given great people to the societies who are in various fields doing their part in the development of the country.

Most parents want their child to be admitted in Loyola not just because of excellent academic results but because school gives importance to all-round development specially in character formation and discipline.In today’s digital world we have a lot of challenges in imparting education and Moral values to the present generation. A few challenges like, addiction to internet, mobile, new technologies, total freedom, low self-esteem, disinterest in academics, no moral values, no respect for human life and environment, emotional imbalance, no spiritual knowledge etc.But Loyola is working hard to over come all these challenges by making the students be aware of present scenario of the world by conducting various seminars, workshops, moral classes and prepare them to face problems boldly and become good human persons and successful people in life caring for everybody and everything.

As we celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the school, with great humility I recognize and remember all the former Principals, Brothers, teaching and non-teaching faculty (Past and present) who served this institution by putting their heart and soul for the growth of Loyola. Today we not only enjoy the fruit of their labour but also continue their legacy of imparting Montfortian Education. I extend my gratitude to the parents for having placed their trust in the school management and for standing with the school in all the situations. I also thank the PTA members who constantly extend their helping hand in smooth functioning of the school. Finally, I raise my heart towards God and thank Him on behalf of Loyola Family for having blessed us for those last 50 years unceasingly.


Bro. Sudhakar Reddy SG


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