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From the Principal’s desk


Sustainable development has become a common concern/agenda of global community at the same time bringing this global concern into public policies is a very big task. As per the Brundtland’s report (1987) sustainable development is described as, “To meet the needs of present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their needs.”
Sustainable development is possible when we take care of all the aspects of human life and ecological system of our planet Earth. Therefore, according to United Nations, there are four dimensions to sustainable development – Society, Environment, Culture and Economy. If these four factors are balanced, I am sure the quality of life improves and our future generation is safe. According to the World Conservation Strategy report (1980) by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) for development to be sustainable it must take into account the social and economic factors as well as ecological ones.
Dear friends, let us narrow down the gap between inequal distribution of wealth between poor and rich. We need to educate ourselves in order to realize how we are destroying our eco-system systematically year after year which is a cause for big threat to all the species on this planet Earth. Let us save our future generations by preserving our Mother Earth by changing our life style. Today we take oath that we use Natural Resources judiciously preserving for the future generations. All of us together strive towards making this globe a place
where every species makes it’s living without destroying the other so that the Planet Earth remains Joyful.
I am delighted that Loyola High School has taken an initiative to publish a Monthly News Letter along with meaningful articles on the theme “Sustainable Development Goals” which is the need of the hour. I congratulate the team for their hard work and I wish all the best for the coming editions.
Rev. Bro. Y. Sudhakar Reddy

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